Free Business Surveys & B2B Surveys: Questions & Templates

List of Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

QuestionPro brings you free business surveys, including B2B surveys, created by industry experts across several verticals. These business survey template questions are created to give you the best survey responses and insights from your target audience. You can use these free questionnaires as a sample survey and example or simply use the template directly. These surveys include client evaluations, supplier or vendor service, business demographic, business knowledge management and much more. Just pick a template that serves your requirement, edit it and send it!

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Client Evaluation of Company Services Survey Template

21 questions

Client evaluates the company on customer service and meeting the company needs.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Supplier Service Evaluation Survey Template

40 questions

Supplier service evaluation for Business to Business application.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Seminar Purchase Motivation

24 questions

Seminar purchase motivation and followup for leads.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Company - Knowledge Management Survey Template

10 questions

Knowledge management and communications systems within the company

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Knowledge Management Survey Template

18 questions

Thorough evaluation of company support of dealers.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Transportation Company Satisfaction Survey Template

72 questions

B2B survey of customer satisfaction for transportation company.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Strategic Planning Survey Questions Template

19 questions

Strategic planning survey questions template can be implemented to gain insights about an organization's strengths and weaknesses. These survey templates are used to understand areas of improvement to ensure continuous growth by creating a strategic plan to improve products/services on the basis of the feedback.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Solar Energy Power Survey Questions Template

15 questions

Solar energy power survey questions template is implemented in B2B sectors to understand the importance of solar energy and the impact it can have on clean energy. Business should invest in solar panels and do their part for making the world a better place to live in.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Fast Food Survey Questions Template

22 questions

Fast food survey questions template aims at gathering insights regarding the fast food consumption habits amongst the customers, the amount of money spent by them on purchasing fast food and gathering feedback about the effects of fast food on health.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Consumer Finances Survey Questions Template

15 questions

Consumer Finances Survey Questions Template comprises of various questions related to the financial aspects of every consumer. Insights about factors that govern financial decisions, finance damage control actions etc. can be obtained by implementing the questions from this template.